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Thorny head :iconoki-rue:oki-Rue 2 0
APH: Austria by Jackce-Art APH: Austria :iconjackce-art:Jackce-Art 100 9


Runner Up
For RRO's contest ><


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Marty | 19 | Any pronouns are fine | Italian | Asexual | Genderfluid | Greek and Latin trash
DoB: March 29

Shy Stamp by StampMakerLKJ introvert stamp by sleepy-sounds Fragile (Stamp) by edupes Anxious (Stamp) by edupes OCs Stamp by himawari-tan Random Kind Comment Stamp by Mirz123 . sensitive stamp by fairypaws I Support SAI STAMP by KittyChan12 [FS]: Stamp_Cute italian artists by haveacoffeeandrun Genderfluid Stamp by sunbirds 8. by stampy-sweet Atheist Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Feminist by Dametora Feminism Stamp by StampMakerLKJ I Put Love Into My Art Stamp by StampMakerLKJ

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Steven Universe Stamp by xioccolate Garnet (Spoilers) Stamp by IgelFullmetal

284 : Hot, Throbbing Stamp by witegots I support Brain Usage by Funeral-Of-Joy

Icon: Flamingo-sama
ID: Lealbatross


RRO Application: Chocolate Pearl
Name: Chocolate Pearl
Aliases: Choco, Choco P
Rank: Entertainer
Alignment: Rebel
Gender: She/her
Gem Type: Pearl 
Gem Location and Cut: On her left thigh, oval
Height: 170 cm 5' 7"
  • Extrovert: Choco P is an open, talkative and exuberant gem who really likes to hang out with others and makes new friends
  • Respectful: Even if Choco P is the exuberant and warm type, she really understands what limits are. She respects others spaces and comfort zones
  • Creepy: Choco P likes to talk about creepy and macabre things. She also finds funny to use her extreme flexibility to joke around
  • Disorganized: Choco P is well known for forgetting things around and promises, but she doesn't do this consciously. She is just disorganized and she has to learn how to keep her life together
  • Carefree: Choco P isn't affected by her disorganization and it looks like she hasn't got any problems or she isn't worried at all
  • Common pearl's abilities
  • Enhanced flexibility
Appearance: Choco P has got a desaturated brownish skin with light hair. She wears a very soft pink leotard and shoes with brown puffy shorts
  • Choco P worked under a Chocoa Diamond with Coco Nova Jasper, until both of them didn't recognise her as a boss
  • Her theme song:

Oops, I just finished another app for :iconred-roses-oeasis:
I really like this character and how her look turned out, so I hope that everything is ok and you like my Choco P!

Art and character: :iconatanapotinija:
Group: :iconred-roses-oasis:
BNHA OC: Akeldama Blood | Lamia

Personal Information
Name: Ἀκελδαμά Blood (first name, surname)
Nick(s): Bloody, Dama
Birthday: November 8 (Scorpio)
Age: 17 years old  
Gender: Genderfluid | Any pronouns are fine 
Height: 163 cm | 5’ 4”
Weight: 42 cm
Orientation: Aromantic Asexual
Nationality: Anglo-Greek
Blood type: AB

Professional Information
Occupation: Highschool student
Affiliation: Yuuei (U.A.)
Quirk: Hemokinesis
Department: Heroics
Aliases: Lamia

Dama is a mid stature and skinny student with a pale skin complexion, freckles all over their body and a mole under their left eye. Their eyes are silver grey, a little bit down-turned, with a slightly vertical slot pupil and dark circles under them. Dama has also got cat-like canine teeth but they rarely show them. They have got short and wavy blood red hair with a lock that sometimes covers their left eye.
Dama has also got a tattoo on their lower (TBA)

Casual Attire: Dark coloured outfits with boots. They only wear dresses in particular occasions, but when they stay at home they really like to stay comfy

Hero Costume: Dark red leotard with long sleeves and a hole that reveals their chest which is actually covered by a red teeth-like structure. They also wear black boots and gold jewellery. On their costume there are also red snake-like prints

+Blood and human anatomy
+History, Philosophy, Science and Art
+Ancient reigns (Greek, Roman and Egyptian) and their mythology
+Coffee, tea and liquorice
+Cold weather
+Quiet places and forests
+Felines, reptiles and spiders
+Meat and raspberries
+Striped clothes
+Justice and laws
+Their friends and family

-Intense light and hot weather
-Rudeness and bullies
-Their anxiety and phobias
-Being in small places and/or in a crowd
-Speaking in public and being looked at
-Makeig errors and being useless

Creative | Hardworking | Shy | Introverted | Insecure | Reserved | Strict | Anxious | Organised | Caring | Emotional

Dama is serious, strict, hardworking and they look very severe. These statements are true, because it is clear how they strictly follow rules to the point they even want others to follow them with the same attitude. They are also introverted and they always talk when asked for and/or when there is something important to say with a calm and soft voice. This doesn't mean they don't have anything to say and they indeed have a lot of thoughts they are afraid to communicate. We can say that it is difficult to know more about them and that Dama is also pretty shy. When it comes to talk in front of a lot of people and/or someone they really like, Dama starts to stutter a little bit, they even blush and lower their voice time by time. This can be caused by their insecurities and fear to say or do something considered incorrect or even strange.
Even if Dama always appears strict and cold, they actually care about a lot of people to the point they even display a lovable and caring behaviour. They are constantly afraid that others can be hurt (physically and psychologically), so Dama tries their best to help everyone. They also are very emotional and they cry a lot. Unfortunately, they find this embarrassing so they usually feel the urge to pick and scratch their skin to suppress their anxiety and strong emotions.
Dama is also very creative as they like to draw and play the piano. These activities help them to cope with stressful moments and to prepare plans. Dama is indeed known as the one who sketches a plan as they want to make it as clear as possible for everyone.
Even if they can appear prideful, they are actually very humble as they recognise their errors and they are always willing to improve themself. Telling to others that they made a mistake is very difficult for Dama, because they are afraid to be hated or being laughed at.

Powers & Abilities
Quirk: Hemokinesis

Dama is capable to manipulate blood and crystallise it in order to make small weapons and tools to defend themself and others. Thanks to their quirk, Dama can also control and/or stop haemorrhages and heal wound but to manipulate the blood of a third person they have to digest it. Unfortunately, if they use their quirk way too much they will suffer from weakness, headache and nausea when they digest a lot of blood.

Keen Intellect: Dama is an observant person, who easily understands situations and evaluates others personalities and mental state. It is also common for them to formulate strategies and plans for dealing with enemies of different types, just to have everything under control. Dama is also able to learn thing pretty fast and they have got a huge culture, especially on the human body.

Good sense of smell: Their sense of smell is pretty normal, but it appears that they can easily sense odour and in particular the one of blood. This can be also considered as a negative trait because they usually feel sick after sensing an unpleasant smell

Power: 3/5 C
Speed: 4/5 B
Technique: 4/5 B
Intelligence: 5/5 A
Cooperativeness: 2/5 D


  1. Black and red scalpel and other white weapons holder on their tights, arms and back (in this reference they are not visible)

  2. A “blood-collector” located on their palms


Their name means “field of blood”

•Dama has got an Anglo-Greek origin, but they have always lived in Japan due to their desire to become a hero

•Dama has got a sweet spot for grotesque things, but they can hide very well this strange passion •Dama is very flexible and agile since an early age. This can compensate the lack of a well-developed musculature and their skinny appearance

•Dama really hates people who take advantage of others and bully them

•Dama was bullied since kindergarten due to her quirk. This can be seen as a cause of their coldness and desire to help others

•Dama suffers from migraines, headache (due to stress and anxiety), vernal keratoconjunctivitis. They are also allergic to dust, chalk and seasonal pollen but it is not a severe allergy.

•Dama suffer from claustrophobia, entomophobia, eremophobia, mysophobia, pyrophobia, scopophobia, thalassophobia They also suffer from misophonia, seasonal affective disorder and dermatillomania (it is probable)

I can finally show you my boku no hero academia character Llama Emoji-04 (Pretty) [V1] 
I worked a lot on them and I am really proud of my little child. I hope you like her and feel free to ask everything you want. I don't bite and it would be wonderful if they make some friends! Sparkle Emoji 

Art and character: :iconatanapotinija:

AT: Coritea
FINALLY, I am here with my part of the art trade with Lealbatross. I had to draw her OC Coritea and I really liked drawing her, especially the ice thingies I made near her hands.
I hope you like her çAç

Art: :iconatanapotinija:
Character: :iconlealbatross:
Oikia Elektrou Quest 4: To Delphi!
Your gem is going to go to Delphi under Amber's suggestion and her Sapphire is willing to accompany you.
Be careful during the trip! What is going to happen?

Theme for this quest:

Reward: ??

Finally, quest 4 is here! I am sorry for not being that active on DeviantArt in general and in my group too! So, Oikia Elektrou is not that and it is always open for new members. I gonna make some adopts too and I hope to make this group big and wonderful uwu 

Art and character: :iconatanapotinija:
Group: :iconoikia-elektrou:




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